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About Our Sweets

SeaSugar sweets are made completely by hand. From the moment sugar and glucose are added to the pan to when the final label is placed on the bag; every step is carried out with care and attention and an absolute love for the final product.

All of our sweets are made in very small 4 - 6kg batches, thus ensuring a consistent high quality. We use only 100% natural extracts, essences and colours, so the final product is bursting with natural flavour to the very last bit. Our customers comment on this more than anything and it has become the high standard we work hard to maintain. The use of natural colourings is very important to us; for such delicious sweets made with so much care and attention and with the best of natural flavourings, its would be a terrible shame to ruin it by adding chemicals. 

The hot liquid sugar is  poured onto a marble slab and the flavourings and colourings added, after which the sugar is left to cool for a little bit then the hard work starts. The still very hot sugar is pulled by hand until it has reached the stage where it is 'satinised'. That is, it has taken on a very shiny mirror-like appearance as a result of millions of tiny air bubbles being incorporated into the sugar. 

The sugar is then rolled, again by hand, into long rods, which are then allowed to set until they are hard. The rods are then 'chipped' into small pieces before being weighed, bagged and labelled, ready for distribution to farm shops, visitor centres, delicatessens, and local artisan markets for your enjoyment.

Then it starts all over again . . . 

Seasugar sweets are:

  • Free from artificial flavours, colours and preservatives

  • Gluten free

  • Dairy free

  • Fat free.