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Shipping, Delivery & Refunds

Postage Costs

We try to keep postage and packaging to a minimum so use Royal Mail small parcel delivery. 

For orders of 1 to 7 bags the cost is:

1st class £3.90

2nd class - £3.40

For orders of 8 - 15 bags the cost is:

1st class - £7.00

2nd class - £4.40

For orders of more than 16 bags the cost will be a flat rate of £9.50 for 2nd class delivery. The Royal Mail Medium Parcel delivery charge is £13.75 for medium parcels over 2kg so you can see that we’re being nice and not charging all of that. If you’re in a big hurry then you can choose first class delivery. For this Royal Mail charge the grand sum of £15.85 so fill your basket and make it worth your while! We won’t add anything to this cost as we think its pricey enough. Gotta love Royal Mail!

If you would like to order a larger number of bags, please get in touch before you order as we can probably work out a more cost effective delivery method. 

You will be given the option of choosing 1st or 2nd class postage when you are checking out and the clever system will work it out based on the weight of sweets plus packaging.

These costs are based on standard small parcel prices set by Royal Mail (see more about Royal Mail pricing here) PLUS 50p which we add for packaging. This doesn't quite cover the packaging cost but its enough.

Orders of up to 7 bags will have a value of less than £20 (well its £21 but lets not argue), which fits within Royal Mail's weight/value bracket. Orders of 8 bags or more are valued over £20 and less than £50 this fits within the next level of Royal Mail weight/value bracket, which is why delivery is slightly more. 

Your order is sent from Northern Ireland, as this is part of the UK and we use Royal Mail, postage & packaging cost applies to every part of the United Kingdom. So we don't charge more to send to the Highlands of Scotland, Isle of Man, Cardiff or even London! We're nice like that. 

We hope this explains in a very transparent way, all aspects of our postage and packaging. 



As we work hard to make sure your sweets are absolutely perfect it would be a shame to have them damaged by rough handling during delivery. So each order will be wrapped in tissue paper and nestled snugly in some environmentally friendly material. It will be sent with every bit of care we can muster but if it is damaged in any way when you receive it, please do not hesitate to let us know. 


We hope you never feel we need to issue you with a refund but should you have an issue please get in touch in writing. We will issue a full refund if your sweets are simply not up to scratch. We will ask you to provide a photograph so that we can see what the issue is. 
If your parcel is delayed with Royal Mail, please be patient! No one wants to wait too long for their delicious sweets however delays do happen, particularly now. Royal Mail frequently post news of staff shortages etc as we progress through this pandemic, and this has a knock on effect with delivery. Proof of postage will always be obtained and if your sweets haven't arrived when you feel they should please get in touch in writing and we will investigate. The majority of the time it's simply delayed for reasons outlined above. If your parcel has not arrived after 10 days from when you would have expected to receive it, we will assume it is lost and a full refund will be give.  Before this 10 day period has passed, Royal Mail regards your parcel as delayed and not lost.