Free from everything except taste!

Free from everything except taste!

Of all the feedback we get from customers, one thing that stands out is how much value is placed on the fact that all SeaSugar hard sweets are gluten free, fat free and dairy free. When SeaSugar was first launched the aim was to make clean sweets free from all artificial additives. That means that all artificial preservatives, colours, flavours, flavour enhancers, emulsifiers, stabilisers and sweeteners are a big NO for us.

FREE FROM GLUTEN. It’s only when you or a family member or friend are searching for gluten free foods that you realise how prevalent gluten is in foods we take for granted and assume couldn’t possibly contain gluten. Even more so it is always something of a surprise when we tell them that many sweets contain gluten.

The only ingredient which is used in our hard sweets which may come to the attention of those looking for a gluten free product, is glucose. Liquid glucose produced in the UK is derived from wheat. Under the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) however, some ingredients, such as glucose, which are made from a cereal containing gluten do not have to be listed on food labels as an allergen. This is because processing has removed the gluten. Therefore the liquid glucose which SeaSugar uses is recognised as being gluten free by the EFSA, the European Commission, The Food Standards Agency and  Coeliac UK (

FREE FROM FAT. To have any fat in our hard sweets we would need to add it. There’s no need for fat so we don’t use it.

FREE FROM DAIRY. Like fat, we don’t need to add dairy products to our hard sweets to make them delicious so there’s absolutely no dairy products of any type in them.

FREE FROM ARTIFICIAL ADDITIVES. They're not needed, so we don't add them.

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