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Sea Sugar

Traditional Yellowman Chips

Traditional Yellowman Chips

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Mixed size chips and dust of our gorgeous Yellowman. Perfect for sprinkling over ice cream, mixed into meringues, top cupcakes with it, mix into chocolate and much more. 

Made using an old family recipe, this Yellowman has been loved and enjoyed for generations. It is unique to County Antrim where it is synonymous with the Lammas Fair in Ballycastle. 

Yellowman is as unusual as it is delicious; it is a hard and brittle confection of brown sugar, butter and golden syrup, not to be confused with honeycomb which is light and aerated. 

Try it and taste a tradition enjoyed by generations. 

Contains no artificial flavours, colours or other additives. 

 Ingredients: brown sugar, white sugar, golden syrup, glucose, butter (milk), bicarbonate of soda.  Allergens are highlighted in bold.

Minimum weight 100g

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